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5.99% APR* on any new balance transfers

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Our basic VISA is reliable. Tried and true. No fancy bells and whistles. No Evian-in-my-trailer-and-can-you-please-make-that-non-dairy stuff. Just a no fee, no frills, good old-fashioned credit card. It's for credit lines under $5000, has a 14.75% APR*, and is looking for a happy home in your wallet.
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PLATINUM VISA: The 9.9% APR* Absolutely Perfect Rate

Our VISA Platinum is 9.9% APR*. Most other companies charge up to 21%. So that should give you 11.1 reasons to transfer your high rate balances and start using the NFCU VISA Platinum today. And remember, it's not 9.9% APR* for 6 months, or 9.9% APR* this quarter. It's just 9.9% APR*. Period.
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* Click here for additional credit card rate, fee and other cost information. *APR - Annual Percentage Rate
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