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Give the Gift of Membership

Earn $30 when you refer a new member

(Oh! And the new member gets $30 too!)

Whether it's your real family or your work family — give them a gift that can last a lifetime — membership in the credit union.

Nordstrom FCU is giving $30 to any credit union member who refers another Nordstrom employee or family member to the credit union — AND the new member gets $30 when they open their first account.

Credit union members can refer up to 10 people — earning up to $300.

New members can get an additional $10 for every account they open after a savings account; up to $80.

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Offer valid until 12/31/19. Existing members must be 18 years of age or older. Existing members may refer up to 10 new members. The bonus will be paid to both parties after the account has been open for 30 days. The bonus will be deposited into the savings account. New accounts and services are subject to approval. Bonuses may be reported to the IRS. Membership is open to any family member of an existing member and any employee of Nordstrom.